Students and faculty at Park View will join others across the nation during the month of February to celebrate national Career and Technical Education (CTE) MonthTM.  This year’s theme is Career and Technical Education Works! CTE MonthTM provides CTE programs across the country an opportunity to demonstrate how CTE educates students to be college- and career- ready and prepares them for high-wage, high-demand career fields.


Pictures from Park View CTE Programs 



 Our field trip Saturday (Feb 23) to the Virginia Aviation Museum in Richmond went very well!  Cadets used a “scavenger hunt” worksheet to locate 20 pieces of information located throughout the static and interactive displays. As a group we discussed the completed sheets and worked through the interactive displays.  I also taught a short lesson in the three basic principles of flight–lift, drag, and thrust–using the interactives at the museum.


AFJROTC  studies various weather elements.  During this lesson, they were discussing how a tornado is formed and did a project using vinegar, liquid soap and water in a jar; rotating the contents and watching how the tornadic affect begins.

AFJROTC Studies Teamwork and Communication.  Student groups competed against each other in building a tower with various items but without verbal communication.  One student was assigned to observe and take notes which were used for group discussion after the project.




FFA Visits BioFuel Center.  Members of the Park View High FFA Chapter recently toured the Biofuels Center in Oxford, NC.  Students learned about the growing efforts to use different low input plants as  potential fuel sources and as alternative crops for growers on land that may not be suitable for growing conventional row crops.




Building Trades


Building Trades Students Build Community Projects. Students are working on a gazebo for the Town of South Hill. This gazebo will be in Centennial Park soon. 


Advanced Design students work together to compete in a FBLA competition “Digital Design and Promotion”. The team of students are required to create a logo, letterhead, presentation template, gift certificate, billboard, t-shirt, newspaper advertisement, and web banner based on a fictitious company. The students will find out if they placed in the competition on March 19 at Longwood University.


Advanced Design students, along with Mrs. Elmore, work collaboratively to create the Park View Prom Flyer. 



Family and Consumer Sciences – Culinary 



Art Institute representative Visits Culinary Arts. A representative from the Art Institute recently spoke with students in Mrs. Scruggs Culinary classes. She demonstrated to the students how to make bruschetta and also discussed the many programs offered by the Arts Institute. 

Family and Consumer Sciences – Early Childhood & Fashion 

Introduction to Early Childhood students are working on creating bulletin boards for children’s classrooms. Students are assigned to put up a bulletin board for one month of the semester.


Parenting students are practicing with RealCare babies to prepare to take them home for a weekend. These infant simulators are programmed with the schedule of an actual baby and will need care 24/7!


Fashion Students Learning Timeless Fashion. Students in Mrs. Talley’s Fashion Marketing class are clipping examples of fashion styles from magazines for their Fashion Notebooks. They are identifying sleeve styles, collar styles, neckline styles and more. This information will be valuable for students who pursue a career in the fashion industry.

Projects created by Mrs. Talley’s students:

Cristen’s file of fun

Sydney’s File of Fun

Health and  Medical Sciences


Thanks to the students and staff at Park View High School, the HOSA club and Health Occupation students collected 52 units to help save local lives. One unit can save 3 lives so that means we have the potential to save the lives of 156 people.  Way to go PARK VIEW DRAGONS!!!  






Marketing student is  hard at work designing a Park View T-shirt. He will promote, attempt to sell, and then calculate his profit or loss.


Marketing students are hard at work designing new Burger King® sandwiches and promoting them.

Technology Education

The challenge was to build a 30 cm tall tower from drinking straws.  The tower had to hold 250mg per sand bag while the platform was shaking.  Some towers were successful and others were ……..

No easy way to build a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.  The students must follow steps written by someone else and try not to add any unlisted steps.