September Senior of the Month - Devin Chinault

Park View High School

Senior of the Month – September 2012


Devin Taylor Chinault has been chosen as Park View High School’s Senior of the Month for September 2012. Devin is the son of Ken and Penny Chinault of South Hill, Virginia.

 The Senior of the Month Program honors students who have made outstanding contributions to their school and/or community through their actions and the examples they set for others through acts of courage, determination, kindness, and sacrifice. The students are nominated by staff members and are selected by the members of the Senior of the Month Committee.

 Devin is a member of the FFA, the Trash Smashers, which is the school’s recycling organization, the Beta Club, and the Park View Dragon football team, where he serves as a captain. In addition to his many school activities, he volunteers as a junior member of the Southside Rescue Squad. He also is an active member of South Hill United Methodist Church.

 Devin is highly respected by his teachers and his peers. Mrs. Bryant Trihey stated, “Responsible and reliable are two words that describe Devin’s attributes well. I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with Devin since the 8th grade, when I was his English teacher. Having taught him twice since, I feel qualified to denote that Devin is a hard-working, dedicated, and steadfast young man who is sure to succeed in all of his chosen endeavors. Most importantly, Devin displays compassion for his peers and always volunteers to assist. His admirable character traits carry from the classroom to the football field to the squad.” Doug Allison, Devin’s football coach states, “Devin has been wonderful to coach.  He is dedicated to his teammates and is always willing to do extra work to help others.  He was chosen by our coaching staff to be one of the team captains this year.  His size and ability make him a good football player, but it is his willingness to learn and be coached that makes him a true asset to the team.”

 When informed of the committee’s decision, Devin stated that he was surprised and happy to receive such an honor. After graduation from Park View High School, Devin plans to attend a four year university and major in nursing with a concentration in critical and emergency care.